About Geek out in Utrecht

15 local shops, bars, adventures and hotspots in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands to geek out, dive in and meet all your nerdy needs.

Geek out in Utrecht was born after Frans and Silva, both geeks living in Utrecht, had the crazy idea to put Utrecht's geeky hotspots on the map, literally. The idea is to give visitors of our lovely city some guidance into Utrecht's hidden geeky treasures. Let Super Mario lead you and you'll find the best places to read and buy comics, play video- and boardgames, watch anime, shop for gifts & goodies and find that perfect drink! Enjoy geeky Utrecht!

Have a location that we've missed and should check out? Contact us and we'll try to add it to the next edition.

All location have contributed to make this possible. Geek out in Utrecht - Version 2018 1.0